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Seated Forward Bend
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Yoga Pose for Day 16 – Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Seated Forward Bend can be performed as a counter pose for both Cobra Pose and Sphinx Pose. ‘Paschima’ in Sanskrit means ‘west’ and ‘uttana’ means ‘intensive stretching’ - stretching the back of the body, that is bending the front part of the body in a seated position. In this pose, the backside of the body, in particular the spine, is stretched forward. This stimulates

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  • Similar to Keezhadi excavations which bring to light the rich past of the Thamizh civilization, Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram draws our attention to the unbelievably rich knowledge possessed by ancient Thamizh civilization in the field of medicine. It will be only right to say that Thirumoolar would have been the world's first anatomical scientist. 
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