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Welcome. Our thanks and best wishes to you for visiting our site. 

My husband Thamizharasu and I are the content creators for yogaaatral.com. We have been in the field of yoga for over 20 years. 

Thamizharasu is a Touch Therapy practitioner. He is also a martial artist with Black Belts in Karate, Kungfu and Jujutsu. He is a regular Taichi practitioner as well. 

Since many posts in Yogaaatral contain information about me in the author box, I choose to refrain from writing about me here as well.

Though we originally intended to create all-about-yoga site, the moment we decided that the site's name would be 'Vanappu', meaning 'Beauty', 'Grace' and 'Elegance', we wanted the site to be everything associated with beauty of body, mind and soul. We are continuously working to cover various aspects to deliver the results we hope to produce. 

I also would like to thank two of my clients in the 'About Us' page. These two clients had given me wonderful writing opportunity to write on various niches when I was a full time freelance content creator. These two clients are behind the creation of this site and are continuously offering technical support to the site. Hence, a big Thank You to you both.

We believe pet lovers may love to visit our site mentioned below.


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  • Similar to Keezhadi excavations which bring to light the rich past of the Thamizh civilization, Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram draws our attention to the unbelievably rich knowledge possessed by ancient Thamizh civilization in the field of medicine. It will be only right to say that Thirumoolar would have been the world's first anatomical scientist. 
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