Ok, first things first. The photos in this post are not beautiful but the moments were.

While there are many advantages of exercising in the terrace, nature can break your routine while also making your day.

After today's Taichi practice, as I was about to leave the terrace, I was attracted by this was as though, a tree had swallowed half the sun...

I thought I was done with photographing the sun and stepped away was not the tree that swallowed the sun...

Slowly the sun started climbing the building...

Further above...

Perched on top of the building...

Still ascending, behind the cloud...

Further up and behind the cloud; and out of eyesight; but its rays are everywhere.

Well, this photo is no where near the photo I took a while back from the same terrace (see below)

Still, today is a different day...different vision and beauty. Recognizing the beauty of the moment / incident / people without comparing and critically assessing will not only energize our mind but also will elevate our thoughts and approach towards life multifold.

Picture of இரமா தமிழரசு
Rama Thamizharasu

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