When A Pet Becomes A Part of Your Life

The new member we welcomed into our home is the reason for not being able to create and update new posts. While we lacked in that area, we have been enjoying abundance of love from our little one and doing our best to show we love her as much if not more. 

The new arrival has taken complete control of our hearts and our time. Right from our exercise schedule to our me-time, everything has been taken complete control of by the pet with no such designs but with a mind that has endless and unconditional love for the family. 

We had to create a blog to express her love and activities. However, this is not just the voice of our little one but the site will evolve as a channel for all the pets the world over and all those that are waiting hopefully for a safe and lovable home. Here is the link to our site:


Chezhi, as we have named our little one, means 'to prosper'. To read how she felt the day she was welcomed into our home, click the link below:


The link below takes you to the page where Chezhi describes a traumatic experience she had to undergo.


Here is a link to the page to learn about the voice of Chezhi the world over:


The site has more posts. It is not just her voice but the posts also addresses doubts that may arise while having a pet at home. 

The benefits of having pets at home are immense. Those who have so far not had the opportunity to welcome pets into their home, kindly do so if opportunity permits. Pets can be great companions, particularly for kids. They not only ensure safety but also make the kids learn the art of being responsible and also help to improve their social skills. This also helps us develop love for man's best friend making the world a better place.

இரமா தமிழரசு
Rama Thamizharasu

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