All Things External

As a popular saying goes, beauty is just skin deep. It is true, and this section is not going to focus on outward appearance from the point of beauty. It is about outward appearance from the perspective of health. And what contributes to healthy appearance? Shining bright eyes are reflective of proper liver function, getting quality sleep and consuming foods that support eye health. Healthy hair is a sign of proper function of thyroid gland, having sufficient calcium and haemoglobin levels along with intake of balanced diet. Ditto for lips, ditto for skin. So, external beauty in its truest sense is a reflection of health.

This section will be about natural ways to maintain healthy and youthful appearance. 

Simple Home Remedies for Facial Glow

Being beautiful is not just about possessing specific facial features; neither is it about the skin color. Beauty lies in healthy body and mind. You may wonder, then, why a list of products in this post to enhance beauty... 

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Simple and Effective Natural Remedies for Acne

Spotting an acne outbreak may make you think it was a sudden outbreak. But nothing, including acne, is sudden...


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  • Similar to Keezhadi excavations which bring to light the rich past of the Thamizh civilization, Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram draws our attention to the unbelievably rich knowledge possessed by ancient Thamizh civilization in the field of medicine. It will be only right to say that Thirumoolar would have been the world's first anatomical scientist. 
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