Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Sand

Hope you have read our posts on Benefits of Walking and Benefits of Reverse Walking. Walking barefoot has been proven to offer wide range of health benefits including cardiovascular health and brain health. Studies have been conducted on the benefits of walking barefoot on sand and it has been found to boost physical and mental health.

Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Before going into the benefits of walking barefoot on sand, let us have a quick look at the benefits of barefoot walking:

  • Walking barefoot involves all foot muscles. Hence, feet, ankles and calf muscles get strengthened.
  • According to a study, walking barefoot helps to cure insomnia.
  • The study mentioned above has also proven that joint pain gets reduced while walking barefoot.
  • Walking barefoot helps to regulate blood pressure levels
  • Barefoot walking boosts immunity.

More on the benefits of walking barefoot and grounding in a future post.

Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Sand

Benefits of barefoot walking can never be overstated. Barefoot walking on certain surfaces including sand and grass offers more benefits. Here are some of the most important benefits of walking barefoot on sand.

1) Leg muscles are strengthened

Walking barefoot on sand requires additional efforts. The feet go deep into the mud and hence the entire feet muscles get involved. This also helps to strengthen feet, calf muscles and ankles.

2) Aids in Weight Loss

Walking barefoot helps to lose additional calories. Hence, if walking is your chosen exercise for weight loss, it is highly recommended to walk without shoes.

3) Improves foot health

Sand helps with exfoliation. Walking barefoot improves blood flow and and softens the feet.

4) Walking barefoot stimulates acupuncture points in feet

Walking barefoot on sand helps to stimulate acupuncture points in feet thereby aiding in stimulating the functions of glands and organs.

5) Barefoot walking strengthens hips

Walking barefoot on sand corrects our posture. This helps to strengthen hips and relieve hip pain caused due to incorrect posture.

6) Relieves stress

Walking barefoot on sand helps to relieve stress and promote calm. Barefoot walking helps with grounding. Staying grounded promotes positive changes in our physical and mental health.

Walking on the seashore listening to the sounds of waves relaxes our mind. The immense beauty of the sea and the relentless waves promote calm within. 

Here are some tips to make barefoot walking on sand more challenging:

  • You can go for a brisk walking race with your family
  • Try reverse walking on beach sand. It could add fun and challenge to barefoot walking on sand.
  • Walk sideways for a while; may be go for a sideways walking race.

Above all, if you have a pet member in your family, you need nothing more than have your pet kid accompany you to increase your challenge; and of course the fun element will be unbelievably high.

Before I could pick up my mobile to click my girl, she was far ahead with her dad...

I could hear her thinking, "Hope you don't go about writing something like the benefits of walking on the sea mom".

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