Tips to Choose the Best Yoga Mats

Before yoga mats came into being, many yoga practitioners used cotton blankets for their practice. With the growing popularity of yoga, we find the demand for yoga mats growing and the supply is outmatching the demand. Now, yoga mats come in captivating colors and designs and they are made of different materials as well. The recent trend is to use nature-friendly yoga mats. Here are the most important tips to choose the best yoga mats.

The Most Important Factors to Consider While Buying Yoga Mats

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The yoga market is growing like never before. Naturally, you will find different types of yoga mats in all colors and stunning designs. It is always best to consider the following factors before making your choice.

Material and Texture

To buy quality yoga mats, you need to consider the material before anything. Here are some of the popular types of yoga mats available.

1) PVC Yoga Mats

Quite a number of yoga mats are made using PVC material.

Pros of Using PVC Yoga Mats

PVC yoga mats are durable.

Offering strong grip, these type of yoga mats do not skid and hence it is comfortable for the practitioner.

PVC yoga mats are easy to clean.

One of the most important advantages of PVC yoga mats is that latex is not used in their making. Hence, this could be a good choice for those with latex allergy. To learn about latex allergy symptoms and the products made using latex and their alternatives, you can visit this page.


PVC yoga mats do not absorb sweat. Hence, some yoga practitioners may develop skin allergy.

PVC yoga mats are not biodegradable.

PVC yoga mats are available in stunning colors and designs in online stores. Visit this page to buy PVC yoga mats from Amazon. 

2) Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Yoga mats made with 100% natural rubber can be a great choice.

Natural rubber yoga mats absorb sweat.

These type of yoga mats offer firm grip.

With a smooth texture, natural rubber yoga mats offer cushioning effect to joints.

Some firms offer up to 10 year guarantee for their natural rubber yoga mats.

Some rubber yoga mats are manufactured using a blend of other biofriendly materials. Check this Amazon page to buy these types of beautiful yoga mats.

3) TPE Yoga Mats

TPE yoga mats are made using thermoplastic elastomer. Plastic and rubber go into the making of these yoga mats.

Pros of TPE Yoga Mats

  • TPE yoga mats are durable.
  • These yoga mats offer firm grip.
  • These are recyclable.
  • TPE yoga mats are eco-friendly.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with TPE yoga mats.


These yoga mats can be affected by exposure to sun and hence, they are not recommended for practicing outdoors.

TPE yoga mats are gaining more popularity these days. Check this page at Amazon for available designs and price of TPE yoga mats.

EVA Yoga Mats (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Most of the EVA yoga mats offer firm grip.

It is easy to maintain.

Online stores offer thick and thin EVA yoga mats. Thicker yoga mats offer cushioning effect to spine and joints.

Being lightweight, it is easy to carry EVA yoga mats with you.


Thin EVA yoga mats may not offer firm grip during practice.

Thicker yoga mats may also become flat with regular use.

this page to buy EVA yoga mats from Amazon.

5) Jute Yoga Mats

Jute yoga mat is one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats.

Jute yoga mats absorb sweat. Since it is lightweight, it can be carried along with you while you travel.


Since the surface is rough, it may be difficult for the practitioner while performing certain yoga poses.

Gaiam offers jute yoga mats with soft surface. 

Visit this page to buy jute yoga mats with soft surface.

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6) Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton yoga mats absorb sweat.

They offer comfort and are durable if maintained well. 

Cotton yoga mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

Though soft textured, cotton yoga mats are sold with anti-skid base to ensure firm grip. 

These yoga mats are available in various colors and designs.


7) Cork Yoga Mats

Cork Yoga mats are eco-friendly and durable. These are recyclable. Since cork is sourced from cork oak tree's bark, the tree stays protected.

Cork oak prevents growth of bacteria and fungi. Hence, the surface of these types of yoga mats remains hygiene and safe for use.

Thickness of Yoga Mats

Thickness should be taken into consideration while buying yoga mats. Go for thickness that suits once practice and body type. Thin yoga mats that are less than 1/4 inch thickness support free flow of practice. However, you need to ensure the surface is not smooth as it may skid. Thin yoga mats are great to carry if you are the type of yoga practitioner who does not take off from practice even during holidays at a distant location.

Thicker yoga mats offer cushioning effect while practicing Thunderbolt Pose, Dolphin Pose and their likes. Some practitioners experience discomfort in their spine while practicing Wind Relieving Pose. Thicker yoga mats will be a solution to such thin framed practitioners. Just opting for approximately 4 mm thickness would help.

Length of Yoga Mat

Consider the length of yoga mat before you make your choice. Go for the one that suits your height and body frame.

Price of the Yoga Mat

Last but not the least is the price factor. Some low priced yoga mats are also durable. But, if you were to consider going for yoga mats that are eco-friendly and mats that suit your specifications with regards to your style of yoga and mats that are good on your skin, you may find such mats to be priced slightly higher. Obviously, one of the most important benefits of buying yoga mats online is that you can compare the prices for the same quality and go for the one that suits your pocket best.

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  1. Excellent article, Rama..
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    I should really see what type of mat I am using and see if it has to be changed..
    Thank you so much.

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