Weight Management

Out of the many amazing inventions of the past century, two inventions that made a great impact on human life are computer and internet. Usage of computer increased multifold after the birth of the internet, that is, after it was made available for public use, and that is, after 06.08.1991.

Ever since internet came into being, life became very easy or so it seemed. Be it getting access to the world news, planning a travel, booking tickets for travel / movies or making purchases, internet has become an indispensable player. As the usage of internet increased worldwide, yet another increase was witnessed globally – and that was the increase in obese population.

According to a research, obese population nearly doubled from 6.4% in 1980 to 12.0% in 2008. The pattern in increase is also to be noted – one half of the increase in obese population took 20 years from 1980 to 2000 while the next half of increase was witnessed in just 8 years.

Physical work and healthy eating habits, which were part of our lifestyle, were negatively affected due to modern technological advancement. Weight gain due to hormonal changes and stress was also due to changes in lifestyle.

While the benefits of advancement in technology have to be made use of we also need to find a perfect balance by making healthy choices to lead a healthy life. Naturally, the importance of maintaining appropriate weight can never be over stressed.

This section will come up with yoga poses, exercises and diet to support healthy weight management. Best wishes.

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