15 Best Yoga Poses for Indigestion

The importance of having healthy digestive function can never be over emphasized. In one of our earlier posts, we had written about yoga for constipation. Today's post will be about yoga for indigestion.

Visit this page for Yoga Poses for constipation.

What Causes Indigestion?

Some of the causes for indigestion include:

  • Irregular food habits, intake of junk foods and excessive food intake
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Certain health conditions and certain medications
  • Stress
Yoga for Indigestion

Given below are some of the most effective yoga poses for indigestion.

1) Triangle Pose

Visit this page for Triangle Pose benefits and instructions on how to do Triangle Pose.

2) Thunderbolt Pose

Visit this page for Thunderbolt Pose benefits and instructions.

3) Half Spinal Twist

Visit this page for Half Spinal Twist benefits and instructions.

4) Child Pose

Visit this page for Child Pose benefits and instructions. 

5) Boat Pose

Visit this page for Boat Pose benefits and instructions.

6) Seated Forward Bend

Visit this page for Seated Forward Bend benefits and instructions.

7) Cow Pose

Visit this page for Cow Pose benefits and instructions.

8) Cat Pose

Visit this page for Cat Pose benefits and instructions.

9) Sphinx Pose

Visit this page for Sphinx Pose benefits and instructions.

10) Bow Pose

Visit this page for Bow Pose benefits and instructions.

11) Bridge Pose

Visit this page for Bridge Pose benefits and instructions.

12) One-Legged Bridge Pose

Visit this page for One-Legged Bridge Pose benefits and instructions.

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13) Wind Relieving Pose

Visit this page for Wind Relieving Pose benefits and instructions.

14) Shoulder Stand

Visit this page for Shoulder Stand benefits and instructions.

15) Plough Pose

Visit this page for Plough Pose benefits and instructions.

Practicing the above-mentioned yoga poses for indigestion will help to strengthen your digestive system thereby boosting your physical and psychological wellness.

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