The Most Effective Yoga Poses for Acid Reflux

Recent years have witnessed a great increase in the population suffering from acid reflux. A research conducted in Norway has announced that those suffering from acid reflux has increased by 50 percent in 10 years. You may want to note that it has been ten years since the result was announced. No doubt there is an even greater increase in people experiencing acid reflux in current times. Studies have proved that practicing yoga for acid reflux can greatly help to improve the condition and offer relief from acidity.

What Causes Acid Reflux

Hiatal hernia is one of the most important reasons that cause acid reflux. Some other causes include:

  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Lying down immediately after having food
  • Obesity
  • Beverages including coffee and tea
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Smoking and consumption of liquor
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic stress

How Does Yoga Help to Relieve Acid Reflux

Certain yoga poses and breathing techniques including kapalabhati stimulate functions of diaphragm thereby aiding in preventing acid from entering esophagus from stomach. 

Practicing yoga poses help to reduce weight gain and maintain healthy weight thereby eliminating risk of acid reflux owing to obesity.

Yoga poses for insomnia promote quality sleep at night.

Here is a study on how yoga relieves stress.

By eliminating various causes for acid reflux, yoga helps to cure and prevent the condition.

11 Best Yoga Poses for Acid Reflux

Here are some of the most effective yoga poses

1) Triangle Pose

Visit this page for Triangle Pose benefits and instructions.

2) Reverse Triangle Pose

பரிவ்ருத்த திரிகோணாசனம்

Visit this page for Reverse Triangle Pose benefits and instructions.

4) Intense Side Stretch Pose

Visit this page for Intense Side Stretch Pose benefits and instructions.

4) Warrior Pose 2

Visit this page for Warrior Pose 2 benefits and instructions.

5) Cat Pose

Visit this page for Cat Pose benefits and instructions.

6) Thunderbolt Pose

Visit this page to check Thunderbolt Pose benefits and instructions.

7) Camel Pose

Visit this page for Camel Pose benefits and instructions.

8) Half Spinal Twist

Visit this page for Half Spinal Twist benefits and instructions.

9) Seated Forward Bend

Visit this page for Seated Forward Bend benefits and instructions.

10) Plough Pose

Visit this page for Plough Pose benefits and instructions.

11) Wind Relieving Pose

Visit this page for Wind Relieving Pose benefits and instructions.

Performing the above-mentioned yoga poses for acid reflux will help you be relieved of acidity.

Following a healthy life style with balanced diet, quality sleep and staying stress free will aid in quicker relief from acid reflux.

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