Best Earthen Pots for Water and A Few Other Attractive Products

Hope you read the post Health Benefits of Drinking Earthen Pot Water. Here is a review on some of the best clay pots available online. The review is based on information available about the products, reviews by users and wherever possible, our personal experiences. When looking for the best earthen pots for drinking water I chanced upon a few other items that were definitely share-worthy. Hence, they have been included in the post.

Best Earthen Pots for Drinking Water

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As mentioned above, the list given here is mainly based on reviews from users.

1) Earthen Water Pot With Lid and Tap (6 Litre)

This product has a steel tap and a mud glass. Since the surface of this clay pot is flat, it can be easily placed even if you do not have a mud pot stand.

2) Clay Water Pot with Lid, Tap and Stand (7 Litre)

Cylindrical shaped with a lid, mud glass, stand for mud pot and a small wooden plate, this product deserves a place in the list of best clay pots. 

3) Earthen Water Pot with Lid and Tap (4 litre)

With a capacity of 4 litre, this earthen water pot is sold with a lid and tap. The fact that this product is sold without a mud glass seems not to have bothered users much as the reviews are very good. It could be because of its beautiful design and excellent quality.

Stands for Clay Pots

Online stores cannot boast of providing a great collection of stands for clay pots. Still, some earthen pot stands definitely need mention here. Of course, they make worthy purchase too going by reviews.

Made of clay, this pot stand is beautifully designed and has earned appreciation from users. However, the base is also open and hence you got to place a plate underneath the pot stand to collect water droplets.

Visit this page to buy the product from Amazon.

The stand on which this clay pot is placed is sold along with a plastic tray and a tray for placing glasses. The tray under the pot is used to collect water drops from the pot. The product is also a space saver.

Check this page to buy the product from Amazon.

Apart from clay pots for drinking water, earthen water bottles are also sold online. 

And water jugs too.

Products that Made Me Deviate from Search for a While

As my efforts were focused on listing best earthen pots for drinking water, some other products which aren't pots, captured my attention. I would like to draw your attention to these products as well.

Here is a product that would help you go all-natural in sprouting. This is also available as two-container sprout box.

Visit this page to buy this beautiful sprout box, which has earned good customer reviews.

I wanted to share this tea pot for its uniqueness. However, customers reviews are not yet available for this product. If you are planning to buy this, hope you will leave a feedback. 

For detailed information about this beautiful purple colored clay teapot, check here .

With a steel handle, this mortar and pestle can easily find a place on your kitchen countertop. If you are looking to give your hands some additional exercise to your hands and fingers in kitchen, this could be a perfect fit. 

Visit this page to purchase this elegant mortar and pestle at Amazon.

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