Natural Remedies

Ancient civilizations across the world, had their own treatment patterns based on their geographical location and naturally available resources for various health conditions and lead quality life. Over the years, treatment patterns have undergone enormous changes. Still, every country and every race has a special place for their ancient wisdom, that is, natural remedies.

This section will be about natural remedies for various illnesses. Though the remedies mentioned here have been proved to be effective, we recommend you to discuss with your physician before making a choice.

Natural Remedies for Common Cold

Common cold, which was casually dismissed as a condition as, 'if left untreated will go away in a week's time and if you take medicines it will go away in four days' has now acquired ...

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Natural Remedies for Cough

Cough is your body's defense reflex that clears the airways, prevents infections and protects the lungs. Home remedies for cough are highly effective in treating dry cough as well ...

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Natural Remedies for Headaches Including Migraine

Owing to changes in the way of life in the last few decades thanks to technology-dependent lifestyle, there has been a heavy impact on the physical and mental health of global population. Migraine...

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  • Similar to Keezhadi excavations which bring to light the rich past of the Thamizh civilization, Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram draws our attention to the unbelievably rich knowledge possessed by ancient Thamizh civilization in the field of medicine. It will be only right to say that Thirumoolar would have been the world's first anatomical scientist. 
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