The Art of Eating

Beauty is not just about facial features; and we know that it is neither about external appearance. Beauty is our physical and psychological wellness. Nutritious food, sleep, exercise, rest and state of mind impact and sculpt our body and mind.

Consuming local produce and following food habits that are part of one's culture will not only help to maintain one's overall health but also support passing on ancient intelligence, traits and lifestyle through genes, which positively impact us.

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது

அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

                                                                          – திருக்குறள் 942

The meaning of the above couplet is that medicine is not required to one who eats his food after assuring that his earlier meal has been fully digested.

As Thiruvalluvar says, when one eats the next meal only after the meal they had earlier is digested, the body will produce life force. For such healthy digestion to happen, one has to consume nutritious foods and foods that were always a part of their culture and tradition and passed on through genes across generations. This, simply put, is the art of eating.

To enjoy the essence of life, let us make healthy choices by going for our traditional foods and eating wisely.

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