Essential Oils

Going by recorded history, essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years by various civilizations across the world to promote health and beauty; and now history is being repeated as essential oils have captured the global market. The ancient people were well aware of the potency and medicinal properties of essential oils which is evident from the fact that Egyptians used essential oils to preserve mummies.

This section will be about important essential oils and their benefits.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted from roots, stems, leaves, petals, buds and flowers of medicinal plants. The benefits of essential oils are immense...

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How to Dilute Essential Oils

Essential oils should be diluted before using. We have given general guidelines on how to dilute essential oils. Still, it is recommended to seek professional guidance before using them for specific conditions...

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Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

In a post sometime back, we had talked about the benefits of turmeric, which is a natural remedy for a wide range of illnesses from common cold, cough to cancer prevention. The benefits...

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Health Benefits of Tulsi Essential Oil

Various studies have proved the health benefits of Tulsi essential oil. Tulsi is effectively used in treating common cold, cough, skin conditions and poor memory...

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Most Effective Essential Oils for Headaches Including Migraine

There is noticeable increase in the percentage of global population suffering from headaches including migraine. Wrong posture, constipation, indigestion, hormone imbalances and stress are some of the causes of headaches.

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Most Effective Essential Oils for Stress Relief

In an earlier post on the 15 Best Yoga Poses for Stress Relief, we have highlighted the negative impacts of stress in the body and mind. Just as yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety, ...

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Best Essential Oils for Lung Health

Studies have proved that certain essential oils are highly effective in relieving respiratory conditions...

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12 Best Essential Oils for Neck Pain Relief

In one of the earlier posts, we had covered the causes for neck pain and the most effective yoga poses for neck pain. Hope you have read the post on mudras for neck pain. Essential oils have been proven highly effective for neck pain.

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7 Most Effective Essential Oils for Constipation

Out of the many natural remedies for constipation, essential oils need special mention. Various studies have proved the efficacy of certain essential oils in curing digestive conditions. Here are some ...

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Effective Essential Oils for Digestion

Indigestion is among the major causes that lead to various health conditions. Some of the natural ways in which digestive disorders can be addressed include yoga therapy, acupuncture, acupressure and essential oils...

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  • Similar to Keezhadi excavations which bring to light the rich past of the Thamizh civilization, Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram draws our attention to the unbelievably rich knowledge possessed by ancient Thamizh civilization in the field of medicine. It will be only right to say that Thirumoolar would have been the world's first anatomical scientist. 
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